Welcome Note
from the Director

Director, Garden Brook School

The most effective way to influence a nation is to start early by guiding young ones in the way that they should go. It is okay to train adults on good character but it is more effective to do so when one is young as that way it can become their way of life.

No matter how good the ground is, if you neglect it, weeds will grow and cover it. Our hearts are very similar to the ground. When you plant a certain thought into your heart, that thought, sprouts, grows and bears fruit. No matter the seed, if it is planted into the ground that has moisture, it will grow. It could even be inside a crack on the roof, it doesn’t matter. Likewise, a thought grows once it is planted inside a person’s heart. Therefore, what gets planted in the hearts of our children is of great significance.

At Garden Brook School, we seek to increase the knowledge of our children as well as to fill their hearts with faith, hope, joy and love. Our prayer is that with time, they will grow into adults with good hearts who will then be able to positively impact their world.

Our Motto

Where little ones like flowers bloom.

The guiding verse for our school is Mathew 6:28 “So why do we worry about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin” God is able & He promises to take care of us & our children.

Our Inspiration

Lay a firm & holistic foundation using age-appropriate developmental activities so as to develop lifelong learners who will live meaningful lives in a complex and changing world.

Our Aspiration

To create a space where children can enjoy learning, challenge themselves, follow their curiosity while connecting & flowing with others.

To work in collaboration with parents whom we regard as the primary, God-ordained influencers and caregivers.

To understand & appreciate the uniqueness of each child so as to discover their strengths & passions.

To impart character while providing knowledge-based education to children.


Garden Brook is a unique school. We do encourage you and your child to visit us to experience the school in action before making an application. We are a very welcoming and friendly school. We admit children from the age of 4 years to 12 years.

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