Our school offers a unique well-balanced, enriched, child-centered program at each level, seeking to build Godly citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We integrate discovery-based learning and traditional teaching in a caring and nurturing environment. 



Playgroup/Toddlers are inquisitive and exploratory by nature, striving for independence and autonomy, while insatiably curious. Our Playgroup class is family oriented and therefore the classroom is fitted with kitchen, living room and bedrooms play environment. This eases the transition from home to school. Arts are emphasized in this class by use of crayons and paints. They learn to be part of a group, interact positively with others, share toys and listen to stories and instructions.

Children at the age of 4 years will graduate to a Transition class where they receive additional support to help them be school ready for Kindergarten.


5 – 6 YEARS

Children at Kindergarten are enthusiastically advancing their development in exciting and challenging ways. Children at Kindergarten enjoy lots of stories and start to advance in literacy, math, and science as well as other essential areas such as art, social and emotional well-being and wellness.

Drama and role-plays will be emphasized as activities that develop confidence in the use of language and strong self-concept.

Grade 1


<p>Children at Grade 1 thrive in environments that allow them to explore. They are ready to learn more abstract concepts and are challenged by opportunities to ask questions, to seek solutions, and to solve problems independently.&nbsp;</p> <p>Students undergo a phonics-based learning to read program that prepares them for the individualized A.C.E curriculum. Bible stories and character development activities are incorporated to develop the students' moral integrity.</p>